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You might ask, “Why is the Crystal Ballroom Extraordinary?“ .

Or you might say, “What makes the Crystal Ballroom different?“.

Well then, I would quickly say it’s our beautiful designs & decorations. The passion of design and decor is at the heart of the Crystal Ballroom. We offer the most exquisite event venue design services available throughout all of Florida. Any party, anytime, anywhere!

The flexibility of your choice of any vendor is something that other venues rarely offer, especially at no additional charge. when selecting your event cuisine, even outside restaurants and family chefs are considered acceptable. To even further complement the flexibility in your cuisine choice, we offer a service to manage your  cuisine for you; we call it the Buffet Manager.

Buffet Manager

What an exquisite service to complement the cost conscious party planner. Simply bring your delicious, tasty cuisine to us and we shall manage it for you. We will decorate the buffet table to complement your extraordinary centerpieces and design choices as well as provide you with all of the necessary tools to complement your cuisine, including: plates, water glasses, champagne flutes, silver ware, chafing dishes, portioning and serving utensils, appetizer platters, Sterno fire pots, salad bowls, salad dressing containers, bread baskets, and other small accents needed to make sure the buffet is on point. And if that wasn’t enough, providing that you supply us with butler passable appetizers, our service team, our wait staff, will butler pass your delicious appetizers throughout the party to your guests during the cocktail hour. Now how about that for service? Additionally we will chill and pour your champagne, cut and serve your cake and we will set up and prepare the non-alcoholic beverage station, including two beautiful  beverage dispensers. An beautiful coffee station is available to you, for us to bring to life, including all the dispensers necessary to showcase the appropriate trimmings for a coffee bar!

If the flexibility, for your cuisine choice, wasn’t enough, then let’s consider the extraordinary difference it makes when a client like you has the opportunity to select and purchase their own alcoholic beverages. It’s amazing, and it’s affordable! Often times, in corporate settings, for event venues, you will find some high and hearty price tags attached to a, per person basis, when considering offering an open bar to your guests. It’s not unreasonable to see prices from $17 per person upwards to $45 per person to offer more than just well mixed drinks, beer and wine to your guests.

This type of pricing standard is cradled by venues that profit from food and beverage sales. To even further the topic, often times, in corporate settings, you will also see an added 20% on the bill, as a “service charge”. The “service charge” translates into “payroll” or “gratuity” a rather substantial charge, above and beyond, your event hall rental, cuisine and bar charges. The Crystal Ballroom tips and pays its employees different from venues who specialize in selling food and beverage, our service team earns a gratuity of $2-$3 per head and our service personnel are not subjected to service industry wages. Your gratuity goes to your team and is, just that, a tip, above and beyond a fair wage, far above industry standards. Comparing tipping standards of corporate gratuity of an average of $3000, per 100 person event, versus gratuity standards at The Crystal Ballroom of  $300, per 100 person event, which one sounds better?

We, The Crystal Ballroom, specialize in: creating amazing wedding designs, providing extraordinary service, providing amazing party lighting,always captures the ambience and mostly goes above and beyond to be flexible, in many ways, and cater to you, as a unique individual! And we are Affordable!

The overall ambience of our venues, when you walk in, is amazing. You see the beautiful chandeliers complemented by exquisite lighting, lovely accents and furniture and overall the ambience, in and of itself, is arguably the next best thing to a Grand Ballroom in any hotel. Our venues are tastefully decorated with exquisite designs.

Dance Lessons

The Crystal Ballroom’s tandem services really lend to the idea that we can be a one-stop shop for you.  
Would you like to take some dancing lessons to prepare for your special day? Because we offer that!

Limousine Rental

Would you like to ride in the Tuxedo custom painted Rolls Royce Limousine, to and fro your special event? Because we can do that too!

RV Suite on Wheels - Luxurious VIP Coach

Would you like to have your own luxury coach parked outside the event venue just so your groomsmen can feel like VIP on their special day? Because you can have that, we’ve got a luxury VIP motor coach to cater to anybody’s rock star appetite.

Would you like to get married on the beach, underneath the whimsical, blowing in the wind, organza canopy? Because our “Off Site Decor Team” would be more than happy to set up an extraordinary ceremony  for you, overlooking some of Florida’s most beautiful beaches. You can have that too…we do that.

Would you like us to come to you and decorate your event anywhere and at any hotel and on any beach and at any event hall? Because, we can do that too! In the event that you don’t choose Crystal Ballroom as your event center, please consider us as your event designer at any desired location you choose. We can do that as well!

Dancing on a Cloud

Would you like to dance your very first dance while dancing on a cloud? The Crystal Ballroom specializes in providing “cloud like“ experiences on the dance floor or even in the ceiling for your special grand moments.

Day-of-Event Coordinator

Would you like us to be the day of event coordinator for your special day?
We specialize in coordinating events that are perfect.

Would you like to have epic designs as centerpieces for your special day?
Then I recommend you visit our design studio, meet with our designer and experience the extraordinary inventory available to you.

Work with our officiant’s, our cuisine vendors, our pastry chefs and cake bakers, our photographers, and of course let’s not forget one of the most epic parts of every party, the DJ.

Perhaps you might have the need for an, after hours party, after your party?

We can do that too. Book your “After Hours” party at the Crystal Ballroom Dance Club 11:30 PM to 3 AM. You can do that!

Enjoy your tour with one of our very professional executives and experience,
 The Crystal Ballroom Difference.

The Crystal Ballroom Franchise Team

Thanks you and appreciates your time!

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